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'80s ICON: Edwards talks "Marvel 1985"

"Marvel 1985" artist Tommy Lee Edwards goes in-depth about the hotly anticipated Mark Millar series, telling us what it means to him as a child of the '80s and why he says it's one of the best comics he's ever drawn.

X-POSITION: Marc Guggenheim

CBR premieres exclusive artwork from "Young X-Men" #2 and "Divided We Stand" Book 1 while Marc Guggenheim talks about the newest, youngest X- team and reveals Marvel easter eggs found in TV’s “Eli Stone."

I AM (producing) "IRON MAN"

CBR News chats with Marvel Studios executive and "Iron Man" producer Kevin Feige about his new film, his choices for cast and director, "Civil War," and the possibility of an Avengers movie.

SPOILERS OF WAR: Secret Invasion #1

In this first part of a new monthly feature, CBR News and writer Brian Michael Bendis go in-depth and page-by-page through the action shocking revelations in this month’s issue of “Secret Invasion.” - UPDATED with word on the "missing" panel.

I AM (directing) "IRON MAN"

CBR News speaks with "Iron Man" director Jon Favreau about his vision for Marvel's armored avenger, the character's passionate fans, and what he learned from other comic book movies.

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