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FAN EXPO: Darkhawk Returns in "Nova"

In September’s “Nova” #17, the Human Rocket teams with Darkhawk to fight the Skrulls. CBR News spoke with “Nova” writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning about Darkhawk and his possible future with the series.

X-POSITION: First Class

Jeff Parker and Fred Van Lente swing by X-POSITION to discuss Marvel's "First Class" books, respond to Robert Kirkman's criticism of the Marvel Adventures line, and share some remarks about each others' mommas.

Marvel Solicitations for November, 2008

Marvel has released images and solicitations for comics and products on sale in November including "Ender's Game" #2, "The Stand" #3, "Avengers/Invaders" #6, "Secret Invasion" #8 and much more.

SPOILERS OF WAR: "Secret Invasion" #5

In stores now, "Secret Invasion" #5 sees the Skrulls reveal that their invasion is actually a mission of peace! Writer Brian Michael Bendis walks us through the issue page-by-page to help illuminate what's going on.

Rivera to Draw "Amazing Spider-Man"

Illustrator Paolo Rivera will make "Amazing Spider-Man" #577 his debut as a Marvel-exclusive artist. Known primarily for his painting, Rivera revealed to CBR his first issue will be rendered in a more traditional method.

REVIEWS: Secret Invasion #5

With Marvel Comics' "Secret Invasion" #5 in stores now, CBR's review team turns in two different reactions to the new issue by writer Brian Michael Bendis and illustrator Leinil Francis Yu.

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Turner "Hulk" Variants

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at variant covers for "Hulk" #6 and #7 by late fan-favorite artist Michael Turner. On sale soon, the issues feature work by Loeb, McGuinness and Cho.

The Uncanny Matt Fraction

"Uncanny X-Men" #500 saw Marvel's premier mutants relocate to San Francisco, and CBR spoke with writer Matt Fraction about what the move means for the book and what waits for the X-Men on the streets of their new home.

No Way Home: Liu talks "NYX"

On sale this week is issue #1 of "NYX: No Way Home," the return of Marvel's east coast runaways. CBR News spoke with writer Marjorie Liu about her plans for the series' cast of homeless mutant teenagers.

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