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Baltimore: Cup of B Panel

At the Cup of Bendis panel at Baltimore Comic-Con Saturday morning, a number of announcements came down including Slott on “Mighty Avengers,” Spider-Woman series finally scheduled and more.


Our series continues with Ralph Macchio, Senior Editor at Marvel behind the Ultimate and Marvel Illustrated lines, "The Dark Tower," as well as legendary runs by Simonson and Miller, and of course The Spider Clone Saga.

EXCLUSIVE: Nova #18 Zombie Variant

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at Wellinton Alves & Scott Hanna's zombie variant cover of "Nova" #18. Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, the issue hits stands October 29.

"100 HULKS" Charity Auction Gallery, Part IV

We conclude our showcase of The Hero Initiative's 100 "Hulk" #1 covers for charity with this exclusive gallery of new images by Neal Adams, David Finch, Ed McGuinness, Eric Powell, John Romita, Jr. and more.

X-POSITION: Paul Cornell

In this week's all-new X-POSITION, fan-favorite "Captain Britain" writer Paul Cornell previews exclusive artwork and answers your questions about mutants, magic, and "MI:13," plus a query or two about you-know-(Doctor)- Who.


CBR's series of interviews with comics' top editors continues today with Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor at Marvel and responsible for such books as "Secret Invasion," "Civil War," "Captain America" and much more.

Vanished: Yost Talks X-Force

CBR speaks with “X-Force” co-writer Christopher Yost about the hit series' first arc and discuss the next storyline, “Old Ghosts,” which pits the clandestine mutant hit squad against the old X-Men foe known as the Vanisher.

Broken Hand: Brubaker talks Daredevil

Next week's "Daredevil" #111 kicks off a major new chapter in the life of the blind crime fighter, introducing him to the deadly new villain, Lady Bullseye. CBR News spoke with writer Ed Brubaker about the book.

Shaba Talks Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

CBR sits down with Tim O'Neil, Shaba Games' Lead Gameplay Programmer, to talk about the innovative gameplay of October's "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows," and to get a hint as to what playable characters have yet to be revealed.

Skrulls Issue Press Release

Following last night's debut of Skrull-sponsored television ads imploring humanity to "embrace change," the shape-shifting alien invaders have issued further details on their intentions toward our planet.


Writer Greg Pak answers your questions about revisiting Magneto's origin while combining historical facts from one of history's grimmest events in the five- issue Marvel Knights mini "X-Men: Magneto Testament."

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