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SPOILERS OF WAR: Secret Invasion #2

With “Secret Invasion” #2 in stores now, writer Brian Michael Bendis returns to CBR News for a page-by-page discussion of the best-selling Marvel Comics event. MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!

Mike Carey's "Secret Invasion" Plans

"Secret Invasion" is firing the imaginations of Mike Carey, who spoke with CBR about his short story in "Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?" and previewed first look Cary Nord artwork from "Secret Invasion: X-Men."

I AM (writing) IRON MAN: The Screenwriters

If you’ve been following CBR’s interviews with the cast and crew of "Iron Man," you know just about everyone said they helped write the movie. Now see what the actual screenwriters have to say about the Marvel film.

I AM (gonna kill) IRON MAN: Jeff Bridges

"Iron Man" is on screens now, and CBR brings you a chat with Jeff Bridges, who plays nemesis Obadiah Stane. Find out what the veteran actor thought about shaving his head for the role, and how “Iron Man" compares to "Tron."

Marvel Comics On Sale May 7, 2008

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next week including “Cable” #3, “Invincible Iron Man” #1, “Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas” #1, “Logan” #3, “Young X-Men” #2 and more.

Anti-Venom to Debut in August

EW.com premiered this morning a first look at Anti-Venom, a new villain being introduced to Spidey's world in August's "The Amazing Spider-Man" #568 by Dan Slott and John Romita, Jr.

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