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CCI: Waid Talks Pixar and Muppets Comics

In an early announcement from Comic-Con, BOOM! Studios has announced they'll be publishing a line of comics based on The Muppets and Disney's Pixar films, including "The Incredibles." We spoke with EiC Mark Waid.

REFLECTIONS #240: Mark Waid

Mark Waid stops by to talk about his job as Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios, what he looks for in comics pitches that come across his desk, and his work on “Brave and the Bold” and “The Flash.”

NYCC: Boom! Studios Panel Report

Boom! Studios talked with the panel's audience about their publishing slate for the upcoming year, the whole MySpace controversy, oh, and something about a "Farscape" comic book...

NYCC: Waid and Wacker Talk "Amazing Spider-Man"

The "Amazing Spider-Man" creative team is about to get a little bigger because veteran comics writer Mark Waid has signed on to do an arc of the series. CBR News spoke with Waid and Editor Stephen Wacker about their plans for the Wall- Crawler.

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