mark sheppard

CCI: The Ben Edlund Panel

Ben Edlund, creator of "The Tick" and current "Supernatural" writer, spent a wacky 60 minutes getting into his 20-year TV career with cohorts Shadoe Stevens, Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick.

WC11: Doctor Who Preview

Director Toby Haynes, writer Neil Gaiman and actor Mark Sheppard entertained rabid Doctor Who fans at WonderCon with a special preview of the upcoming sixth season of the sci-fi series.

Mark Sheppard Joins Who Cast

He's been in everything from Firefly to Leverage, with Dollhouse, Warehouse 13 and Battlestar Galactica in between to name just a few. So why am I even surprised that Mark Sheppard has landed a big role in Doctor Who?