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The "Evolution" of Jay Hosler

Professor and cartoonist Jay Hosler talks about his his new book illustrated by Kevin and Zander Cannon that tells the story of life on Earth, dinosaurs and how to make science fun again.

Remembering Al Williamson

With his passing, Al Williamson left behind a legacy that will continue to live on well into the future. We spoke with Mark Schultz, George Lucas and others about their personal and professional memories of the artist.

Mark Schultz has "Spirit"

Writer Mark Schultz has revealed to CBR that by his own choice, his run on "The Spirit" will last only three issues, but that still gives him enough time to play with some of Will Eisner's toys and bring some new ones to the sandbox.

In-Depth with Mark Schultz

The veteran writer and illustrator talks to CBR about his new projects, returning to "Xenozoic Tales," writing Namor and Prince Valiant, the influence of Al Williamson, and rethinking his artistic approach from the ground up.