marc laming

Planet Hulk #4

Steve Rogers, Devil Dinosaur and Doc Green cross into the Mud Kingdom in search of the Red King to negotiate freedom for Bucky in Sam Humphries and Marc Laming's "Planet Hulk" #4.

Planet Hulk #3

Sam Humphries makes good use of the patchwork playground that "Secret Wars" has given him, but he doesn't have quite enough story to tell in "Planet Hulk" #3, though Marc Laming makes even the slow moments look impressive.

Planet Hulk #2

Steve Rogers and Devil Dinosaur continue to wander Greenland and come across Doc Green in Sam Humphries and Marc Laming's "Planet Hulk" #2.

Diary of a Convention Visit

Ron shares his con diary from Cleveland Comic Con in a bonus column featuring a visit to the Superman house and time with Green Lantern collaborator Darryl Banks.