CCI: Batman - The New Dynamic

Writers and artists from the Batman line of books talked to the Comic-Con crowd about the new books, the new characters, the new co-features, Manhunter's move to Gotham and refused to reveal the identity of Batgirl.

Andreyko Confirms Manhunter Cancelation

DC Comics' critically acclaimed superhero title "Manhunter" has been cancelled for a third time. Series writer Marc Andreyko confirmed the news in a posting on Facebook. The final issue is January's #38.

REFLECTIONS: Marc Andreyko

Marc Andreyko talks to CBR about returning to "Manhunter" after a year away and how successful it has been. The writer also teases upcoming storylines, shares his proudest moments, and hypes his new Wildstorm series.

"Manhunter" Lives to Fight Another Day

"Manhunter" and its cult favorite protagonist Kate Spencer have received not one but two stays of execution. Writer Marc Andreyko tells CBR News why and shares news on what readers will see in the revived series.

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