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NYCC: DC Comics All Access Superman

At the DC All Access Superman panel at New York Comic Con, DC Editor In Chief Bob Harras joined the writers and artist behind the Superman books, announcing "Superman: Earth One" and more.

FIRST LOOK: "Supergirl" #64

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR News presents an exclusive first look at Mahmud Asrar's cover to "Supergirl" #64, the final part of James Peaty and Bernard Chang's "Good-Looking Corpse" arc.

DeConnick Takes "Supergirl" to School

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick spoke with CBR News about her June-launching three-issue arc on "Supergirl" and her plans for the Girl of Steel as well as her thoughts on women in media and the comic book industry.

Allie Knows the Power of "The Dark Side"

Scott Allie returns to the "Star Wars" universe with "Star Wars: Jedi - The Dark Side," a five-issue series exploring Qui-Gon Jinn's early days as a Jedi Master. Illustrated by Mahmud Asrar, the series debuts in May.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Shadowland: Power Man" #2

Marvel Comics has released a new unlettered preview of the "Shadowland" tie-in focusing on the new Power Man featuring his fight with the original Heroes For Hire and the return of some villains of the past.

Van Lente on "Shadowland: Power Man"

In "Shadowland: Power Man" a new teen hero bursts onto the scene and Luke Cage and Iron Fist must discover who he is before enraged members of the Hand kill him. CBR spoke with writer Fred Van Lente about the series.

Faerber & Asrar on "Dynamo 5" #25

The super-family drama reaches its milestone 25th issue, and change is coming. CBR caught up with creators Jay Faerber & Mahmud Asrar to talk about the series and Asrar's bittersweet departure from "Dynamo 5."

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