Ron Marz Talks Magdalena & Angelus

The "Witchblade" writer is picking up a new ongoing series and miniseries for Top Cow in the forms of "Magdalena" and "Angelus.". CBR caught up with Marz for details about the new projects.

CCI: Top Cow

Top Cow hosted a panel discussion alongside founder Marc Silvestri, writers Phil Hester and Ron Marz, plus special guests Milo Ventimiglia and the creators of the Magdalena film. New announcements including a "Magdalena" ongoing by Marz.

Marz Talks Top Cow Exclusivity

CBR News talks to Ron Marz about his three-year exclusive contract with Top Cow, where the writer will be continuing his run on “Witchblade,” as well as writing a number of upcoming creator-owned books.

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