Blade Anime Debuts Jan. 13

Blade, the final chapter in Marvel's series of original anime, will premiere Friday, Jan. 13 on G4. Lost alum Harold Perrineau stars as the voice of Eric Brooks in the Madhouse-produced adaptation.

C2E2: Marvel Animation

Jeph Loeb treated C2E2 attendees to news on Marvel's upcoming animated projects, an "Ultimate Spider-Man" test clip and viewings of episodes of "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and the "Wolverine" anime.

Jared Padalecki To Dub U.S. Release Of Supernatural Anime

Warner Bros. Japan has confirmed that actor Jared Padalecki will dub all 22 episodes of Supernatural: The Animation for its U.S. release. Jensen Ackles will only voice his character for the final two episodes. No date has been given for the English-language version of the Madhouse anime.

NYCC: Marvel Anime Panel

The "Iron Man" anime doesn't premiere on G4 until next summer, but fans were treated to a glimpse, as well as other Marvel anime efforts at the New York Comic Con, and CBR News has all the details.

CCI: "Iron Man" Anime to Air on G4

Jeph Loeb unveiled Marvel TV's first anime project at Comic-Con International in addition to announcing three upcoming Warren Ellis animated projects scheduled to air on cable network G4.

Watch: First Trailer For Supernatural Anime

The first trailer has been released for Supernatural: The Animation, the Madhouse-produced adaptation of the live-action series. The 22-episode anime covers the first season of the cult-hit TV show, remaking some episodes while also introducing original stories. It will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan beginning on Jan. 12.