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TV in 2014: What to Watch

From Marvel and DC's current television plans to the return of fan favorites like 24 and Game of Thrones, here's everything you need to know about the small screen in 2014.

Mad Men Gets Season 6 Date

AMC has announced an April 7 premiere date for the sixth season of Mad Men, and released a handful of classy black-and-white photos of the drama's cast.

Before Tonight's Mad Men, Here's a Quick Guide to 1966

If rumors are true, then tonight's new season of Mad Men takes place roughly six months after the last episode of season four, giving a fair amount of time for the dust to have settled after the more surprising events of "Tomorrowland" and a new status quo to have been established. But as Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce heads into its second year of existence, what else is happening in the world? Before you get too settled into "A Little Kiss," here's a quick guide to what about 1966 could end up affecting the show.

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