CCI | Robert Rodriguez Panel

The director came to Comic-Con International with plenty of news in tow, including updates on sequels to Sin City and Machete, and announcement of a Heavy Metal and the creation of a Frank Frazetta art gallery in Texas.

Machete's Trejo Keeps It In The Family For Next Movie

Machete isn't even released until this weekend, but fans of Danny Trejo have reason to celebrate already; he's just confirmed that he'll be re-teaming with his co-star from the Robert Rodriguez-produced grindhouse movie, Michele Rodriguez (No relation) in a new indie movie co-directed by Gilbert Trejo (Yes, that one's a relation).

Machete Carves Up Predators

If you weren't planning to see Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal's Predators when it hits theaters next weekend, here's a new reason: you'll get to see the theatrical trailer for Machete.