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In this UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, our look at the major players of "Shadowland" through the eyes of the NYPD, "Shadowland: Power Man" writer Fred Van Lente provides us with a detailed report on the book's major characters

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: "Thunderbolts" #145

With a former Thunderbolt returning to terrorize new team leader Luke Cage, Marvel's villains-turned-heroes franchise takes a twist under Jeff Parker. CBR News has an exclusive look at next month's issue!

Van Lente on "Shadowland: Power Man"

In "Shadowland: Power Man" a new teen hero bursts onto the scene and Luke Cage and Iron Fist must discover who he is before enraged members of the Hand kill him. CBR spoke with writer Fred Van Lente about the series.

Marvel's Second "Shadowland" Teaser

Marvel Comics has released the second in a series of teasers for "Shadowland," the new miniseries by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan that's billed as the "battle for the soul of New York."

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