Lucifer #14

Series favorites get a twisted fresh start and make the acquaintance of new black hearts. Vertigo Comics' Lucifer #14 by Richard Kadrey & Lee Garbett.

Lucifer #13

This nice ’n‘ naughty issue is your reward for a year of indulgent misdeeds with the devil! Vertigo Comics' Lucifer #13 by Holly Black & Marco Rudy.

Lucifer #12

Lucifer finally confronts God and his rekindled feelings for Mazikeen! Vertigo Comics' Lucifer #12 by Holly Black and Lee Garbett.

Lucifer #10

The battle for the Throne of Hell reaches a boiling point, as family ties are cut, quite possibly literally. Plus, the return of another ruler of angelic parentage: Elaine Belloc!

Lucifer #6

Takehiko and his girlfriend get to know each other's family histories in Holly Black and Stephanie Hans' "Lucifer" #6.

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