TV in 2014: What to Watch

From Marvel and DC's current television plans to the return of fan favorites like 24 and Game of Thrones, here's everything you need to know about the small screen in 2014.

What Makes Once Upon A Time A Different Type of Mystery Show - And Why That's Good

So, I admit it; I watched Once Upon A Time last night, and really enjoyed it. It's not for everyone - Anyone who has a problem with the idea of turning fairy tales into what is essentially supernatural soap opera, this really isn't the show for you - but there was something in particular about the show that made me think that it could be the Next Big Thing to influence genre TV to come... and that, weirdly enough, it may be the first piece of post-Lost genre drama on mainstream television.

Why Star Trek Might Not Work For Today's TV Execs

For those of you just joining us, yesterday I wondered why we didn't have a new Star Trek television show on the air already, before suggesting that, just maybe, such a show wouldn't work on modern television anymore. Pick your appalled, disagreeing jaws off the ground; here's where I explain what I mean.

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