Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger #2

Dynamite Entertainment presents a preview of Lone Ranger #2 by Mark Russell and Bob Q.

Enough With the Generic Rock Music Already

Watching the new trailer for The Lone Ranger, one thought sprang to the front of my mind. No, not "Johnny Deep sounds kind of ridiculous trying to do 'classic Tonto,'" nor "I'm not sure there's a way to do the Lone Ranger these days that doesn't feel somewhat dated," but instead, "Why do we have to have this terrible rock music for a Western movie?"

New Lone Ranger Images Debut

Disney has released seven new images from The Lone Ranger, the big-budget Western that reunites Johnny Depp with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Lone Ranger Synopsis Surfaces

The first synopsis for Disney's The Lone Ranger has appeared as part of a casting call for actors in New Mexico, where the Western will film beginning in mid-February.

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