Comics' Most Notorious No-Shows, Part 2

From Frank Miller and Roger Stern's Doctor Strange to the completed and never to be published Alan Grant and Frank Quitely Lobo mini, CBR wraps our list of infamous comic book no-shows with the final 15 titles.

Anthrax's Ian Goes to Hell with The Demon

CBR has the first word from Anthrax founder and guitarist Scott Ian as he returns to DC Comics to write a two-part Etrigan the Demon series featuring art by his "Lobo: Highway to Hell" creative partner, Sam Kieth.

Bedard Leads the "R.E.B.E.L.S"

Writer Tony Bedard continues his space-based stories starring Brainiac 2 and his intergalactic group of revolutionists. We spoke with him about bringing in the Green Lantern Corps as the title's latest antagonists.

Scott Ian Drives Lobo to Hell

CBR News speaks with thrash metal icon Scott Ian about his two-part "Lobo: Highway to Hell" mini series, making the jump from music to comics, who he thinks should play Lobo in the forthcoming movie, and much more.

Lobo, Torso, Tin Tin: Oct 22nd Comic Reel

From Lex Luthor to "Lobo" for Clancy Brown? "Torso" maybe back on track? Nick Frost talks about being directed by a computer on the first "Tin Tin" film. All this, plus an "Astro Boy" press round up and more.

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