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Cover of the Week - October 3

This week, Peter Parker's Spider-Sense is tingling, "Fatale" goes to the dogs, Rorschach goes for breakfast, the zombie apocalypse arrives in Riverdale and Matt Murdock goes to meet his maker.

NYCC: Archie Comics Packs the House

The team behind one of comics' most exciting and relevant publishers came together to discuss "ArchieKiss, Michael Strahan in Riverdale, a Sabrina the Teenage Witch animated series and more

Marriage Next For Archie's Kevin Keller

In their latest "ready of the headlines" story line, Archie Comics is sending newly launched gay character Kevin Keller to its "Life With Archie" universe for a wedding first in Riverdale and mainstream comics.

Mike Pellerito On Presiding Over Archie

The President of Archie Comics discusses running the resurgent publisher as a comic geek, the choice to make Kevin Keller a military brat, the rebirth of "Sonic" and the exclusive announcement on the digital future of "Jinx."

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