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Ross Covers "Action Comics" #900

Today, DC Comics announced that "Action Comics" #900 will receive a variant cover painted by Alex Ross, a dramatic reinterpretation of the original "Action Comics" #1 cover by Superman co-creator Joe Shuster.

Superman Returns in "Action" #900

DC has unveiled David Finch's cover for "Action Comics" #900 featuring the return of Superman to the title, which has been a Lex Luthor showcase for nearly a year, in a 50 page story by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods.

Lex Luthor: Cornell's Man of "Action"

Paul Cornell spoke with us about his upcoming "Action Comics" annual starring Lex Luthor, how the supervillain's story ties into Nick Spencer's Jimmy Olsen co-feature and when he'll finally write the Man of Steel.

Meet Lex Luthor Jr.

The final season of the CW's Smallville may not make you believe a man can fly just yet, but it'll definitely make you believe a man can be cloned. Especially when that man is a bald scientific genius, as this preview for this week's season premiere shows.

Lex Luthor Faces Death

With Neil Gaiman's blessing, writer Paul Cornell is bringing Death of The Endless into his run on "Action Comics" and he spoke to CBR about how the crossover came about and what it means for his villain-centric run.

Paul Cornell: Ready For "Action"

With Paul Cornell's first comic as a DC exclusive creator ready to hit stores, the writer known for his takes on British superheroes explains how he'll make America's longest-running comic book a supervillain punch-up.

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