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Wein is Right on (Human) Target

Len Wein shared what he loves about the Human Target, why he feels the character has lasted nearly 40 years and what he feels is the difference between Christopher Chance on television and the printed page.

Wein Explores DC's History in "Legacies"

DC Comics has announced a new series entitled "Legacies" that will explore the DC Universe from its earliest beginnings to modern day. CBR has the first exclusive interview with "Legacies" writer, industry veteran Len Wein.

DiDio Announces "Legacies"

DC Comics Executive Editor spoke with CBR News about the generational saga hitting the DC Universe in 2010 that will kick off with Len Wein and the Kuberts on the Crimson Avenger before picking up new artists for each new era.

FIRST LOOK: "Human Target" #1

CBR presents this exclusive first look at the cover and solicitations for DC Comics' "Human Target" #1, by Len Wein and Bruno Redondo with a back-up story written by the FOX TV show's executive producer Peter Johnson.

BCC: DC's Sunday Conversation

DC's Ian Sattler was joined by Franco, Len Wein and others to drop a little knowledge and have a lot of fun on the last day of the Baltimore Comic-Con, teasing a new project from Wein, verifying more "Jonah Hex" collections & more.

Fan Expo: Len Wein

The co-creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine and the editor of "Watchmen," Len Wein was given the spotlight to talk to fans and answer questions about his storied career in the American comic book industry.

CCI: The Human Target

Len Wein and the cast and crew of the upcoming FOX drama, "Human Target," answered questions from a receptive audience at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and CBR was there to get all the details.

Len Wein Talks JLA Two-Parter

Legendary comics creator Len Wein talks to CBR about his upcoming two-parter on DC's "Justice League of America," which will feature Plastic Man and the Royal Flush Gang, among other favorites.

NYCC: Kindergoth Comes to TV

"The Dark Knight" producer Michael Uslan, son David Uslan, producer Tom Lynch and writer Len Wein hosted a panel discussion spotlighting Lee Kohse's "Kindergoth," and the challenges of translating comics to TV.

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