league of extraordinary gentlemen

Going Retro

Tim takes a look at a few attempts to reclaim the past, from DC's Retroactive line to the latest installment of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" series.

In light of last week's news about the shuttering of Wildstorm, Tim takes a look back at all the goodness from the DC Comics imprint from over the years and lists the Twenty Best Wildstorm Comics of All Time.

Alan Moore's "Dodgem Logic"

CBR News speaks with comic book legend, Alan Moore, about his latest project, an underground magazine entitled "Dodgem Logic," what he does when he's not writing comics, and more.

Staros Talks Top Shelf's "League" Debut

"League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910" is the first volume of the series to be released by Top Shelf. CBR spoke with publisher Chris Staros about his experiences with the new and upcoming volumes of the "Century" series.

Lots of stuff this week, including behind-the-scenes details on the LXG movie settlement, a look at the US version of "No Heroics," why a new Sandman series didn't happen, an Obama/Cerebus cover, Melvin Van Peebles comes to comics and more!

Alan Moore's Bestiary of Fictional Worlds

In this first part of an incredibly in-depth and unique interview with Alan Moore, the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" writer talks to CBR about the new volume, "Century," and the relationship between fiction and reality.

Countdown to LXG: Don Murphy Part 2 - 'The League' and beyond

'LXG' producer Don Murphy talks about friction on the set, the natural disaster that washed away the movie's planned epilogue, 'LXG 2' and more. Then Murphy tells us what's in the future for Neil Gaiman's 'Death' movie, Marvel's 'Iron Man' and more comics-to-film projects.

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