LBCC: The Archaia Panel

Archaia's panel at the Long Beach Comic-Con was an eventful one, full of news about "Mouse Guard," "Fraggle Rock," the company's new partnership with Before the Door Pictures, their Kindle graphic novel, "Tumor," and more

LBCC: The Com.X Panel

The British comic company took to the stage in Long Beach and candidly discussed what went wrong with the company in the past, what's going right now, four new titles for 2010, and bringing "Cla$$war" to the big screen.

LBCC: 56 Questions with Mark Waid

At the Long Beach Comic Con, fast-talking BOOM! Studios Editor-In-Chief Mark Waid discussed "Incorruptible," secret identities, Rich Johnston, his man-crush, and much more as he answered 56 questions in 50 minutes!

LBCC: The Comics to Screen Panel

Writers from television, film and comics gathered at the Long Beach Comic Con to talk about the difficulties and differences between writing for various mediums, transitioning from one to another, and more.

LBCC: Mondo Marvel

Jeph Loeb and Mark Paniccia entertained and educated the audience during the Mondo Marvel panel, revealing news about "Captain America: White," teasing about Red She-Hulk, discussing "Realm of Kings" and more.

LBCC: The Man of Action Panel

Man of Action members Steven Seagle, Duncan Rouleau and Joe Casey were on hand last Saturday to talk about "Ben 10," "Generator Rex," comic books and more during their panel at the Long Beach Comic Con

LBCC: Berkeley Breathed Panel

Berkeley Breathed makes his first comic convention appearance ever with a special presentation where the author/artist shared with the audience the source of his inspiration for ideas and hinted at future projects.

LBCC: The DC Nation Panel

At Saturday's DC Nation panel, held during the Long Beach Comic Con, DC made two announcements with Didio & Tan on "The Outsiders" and an expanded "The Flash" title with Johns, Manapul & Kollins.