last days of american crime

Remender Closes "American Crime"

The final issue of Radical's "Last Days of American Crime" hits this week, and CBR News has the details on the series' origins, the final issue, the proposed film and Rick Remender's views on the heist of the century.

CCI: Radical Comics

Jimmy Palmiotti, Rick Remender and other creators joined Radical Comics at Comic-Con International to discuss their current and future projects, as well as film adaptations, motion comics and even a new toy line.

Radical Comics On Sale April 28

Courtesy of Radical Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new books on sale this week including "Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost" #3, "The Last Days of American Crime" #2 and the "Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead" TPB.

Greg Tocchini's "Last Days"

The artist of Radical Comic's "The Last Days of American Crime" spoke with CBR News about the concept behind his and Rick Remender's new comics series, the challenges he faced in developing a new art style and more.