larry young

CCI: First Comics Panel

First Comics did not try to overdo the announcement of their reemergence at their Comic-Con International panel, instead focusing on producing quality material and allowing that work to be its own proclamation.

Netter Kickstarts Comics

The producer behind "Wanted" and "Painkiller Jane," Jason Netter spoke with CBR about his newly launched comics label and its initial titles, making comics over making movies and selling graphic novels in Walmart.

Palmiotti & Young Talk Kickstart Comics

Pitching in on their friend and producer Jason Netter's new comic startup with Wal-Mart distribution and seven announced titles, the longtime industry figures explain their respective roles in the new company.

This week in the Pipeline: Larry Young takes you for a ride down a "Black Diamond," James Robinson makes Starman come alive, and last but not least, reader suggestions for future editions of TwoMorrows' "Modern Masters."