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CCI: Indy Writers Unite

Independent writers unite at Comic-Con International for a discussion about writing, promoting, publishing comic books outside of the mainstream industry and what it means to be independent.

Marder Defends "Liberty Comics"

CBLDF benefit book "Liberty Comics" returns this year thanks to Image Comics and editor Larry Marder who spoke with us about the CBLDF's importance and shared an exclusive look at Darick Robertson's cover.

Larry Marder Returns to "Beanworld"

Larry Marder returns to his popular and quirky creations in the "Beanworld Holiday Special," coming this month from Dark Horse. CBR caught up with Marder to discuss the special, the series' long hiatus and what's next.

-- Return To "Beanworld!"

The Road to "Beanworld" begins here, as George Khoury interviews creator Larry Marder who shares an exclusive new strip. What is "Beanworld" and where is it all headed? Read this week's edition of POP! to find out.