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How Many Oz Films Are In The Works, Anyway?

On the heels of yesterday's news that Sam Raimi will helm Disney's Wizard of Oz prequel arrives a mysterious and stylish video for yet another Oz project -- this one from Twin Falls Idaho filmmakers the Polish Brothers.

Kovac's "Royal Historian of Oz"

In 2050, a third-rate author strives to carry on L. Frank Baum's legacy as the Royal Historian of Oz, and a startling discover might just allow him to do it. CBR spoke with Tommy Kovac about his upcoming SLG title.

Shanower's "Little Adventures in Oz"

"Little Adventures in Oz," collecting Eric Shanower's original Oz stories, arrives in January from IDW. We spoke with the creator about his adventures on the yellow brick road, including his current excursion with Marvel.