kurt busiek

Astro City #35

In "Astro City" #35, Kurt Busiek and Ron Randall tell a story of legacies -- both superheroes and otherwise -- with Jack-in-the-Box at its center.

Astro City #32

In "Astro City" #32, Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson kick off a sequel to their "Tarnished Angel" storyline from the late '90s, and this return to superpowered crime noir is even more enjoyable than fans could hope.

Astro City #31

The Living Nightmare returns in "Astro City" #31, but this time Kurt Busiek and guest artist Jesus Merino take Samaritan's foe and show the confrontation primarily from the villain's perspective.

Astro City #29

Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson use "Astro City" #29 to show us what it's like to grow up as a member of the enemy, other-dimensional race our heroes regularly fight against.

Astro City #28

The story in "Astro City" #28 feels like a remix of Kurt Busiek's greatest hits, but the art by Gary Chaloner and Wade von Grawbadger make sure there's still something different about this comic.

Astro City #26

Twenty years after the very first "Astro City" comic was published, Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson revisit its themes in "Astro City" #26 as we once more investigate Samaritan's dreams.

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