UPDATED: Will Kraven Hunt In Hell's Kichen?

A new teaser from Marvel takes things in a decidedly more villainous direction asking if the recently resurrected Kraven the Hunter will be the new Man Without Fear in the wake of Daredevil's "Shadowland" activities.

Spinning Spider-Man's Web: Part 1

In part one of our two part interview, "Amazing Spider-Man" editor Stephen Wacker spoke about creating Spidey's world, planning stories, holding creative retreats and polishing up Spidey's classic foes for a new era.

Kelly Prepares Spider-Man for a "Grim Hunt"

"The Gauntlet" is over and the "Grim Hunt" begins in "Amazing Spider-Man" #634. CBR spoke with Joe Kelly about the arc, which finds the family of Kraven the Hunter poised and ready to take down a beaten and battered Spidey.