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Pop! returns with the second half of George Khoury and Alex Ross' discussion of "Kingdom Come," closing out the topic by looking at the artist's return to the original concepts with the JSA "Kingdom" arc.

A Look at "Kingdom Come"

George Khoury examines the impact of Alex Ross and Mark Waid's "Kingdom Come" limited series on the mid-'90s comic industry, the story's genesis and Ross' original intent.

Scott Kolins Talks "Magog"

Scott Kolins' original five-issue run on "Magog" has been cut to two with the title's cancellation, but he told CBR exclusively that DC Comics will publish a double-sized JSA one-shot to finish his epic story.

Waid TV 2009: Fan Q&A

In this first installment of WAID TV, Mark Waid answers fan questions on a range of topics, including Geoff Johns & Alex Ross' "Thy Kingdom Come," his favorite work of his own, and Superman's Social Security number.

In his second installment of ReTales on CBR, retailer Jud Meyers shares an interesting example of how bending the rules and listening to a customer can change someone's life in unexpectedly positive and dramatic ways.

WW Chicago: DCU: Crisis is Here!

Dan Didio opened the panel with some kind words about the late Michael Turner before turning to DC news, including info on various "Final Crisis" ancillary titles, some "Kingdom Come" one-shots and Superman Prime's final fate.

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