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Netter Kickstarts Comics

The producer behind "Wanted" and "Painkiller Jane," Jason Netter spoke with CBR about his newly launched comics label and its initial titles, making comics over making movies and selling graphic novels in Walmart.

Sable Kickstarts "Rift Raiders"

Mark Sable, the writer of "Grounded" and "Unthinkable" spins a time-traveling tale of teenagers in the Kickstart-published "Rift Raiders" and tells CBR News how Hollywood heat hasn't changed his comics creating.

The Suddenly Ubiquitous Joshua Williamson

Joshua Williamson spoke with us about his many upcoming projects including a Supergirl/Damian Wayne crossover in "Superman/Batman," family drama in "Incredible Hulks" and OGNs "Mirror Mirror" and "Endangered."

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