khary randolph

Robin War #2

"Robin War" #2 brings the story to a slightly rushed but overall satisfactory conclusion, as King, Randolph, Martinez, Fernandez, Di Giandomenico, Pugh, McDaniel and Owens give us a story about rising up in the face of adversity.

Robin War #1

Tom King, Khary Randolph, Alain Mauricet, Jorge Corona and Andres Guinaldo launch a Bat-family crossover with "Robin War" #1, which takes all the promise of "We Are Robin" and makes it finally pay off.

We Are Robin #2

Lee Bermejo, Jorge Corona and Khary Randolph's "We Are Robin" #2 introduces Duke Thomas to the team, but not before he has a conversation with a mysterious man.

We Are Robin #1

"We Are Robin" #1 lets Lee Bermejo, Jorge Corona and Rob Haynes re-introduce Duke Thomas to comic readers, even as Duke is introduced to a whole new round of Robins.

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