The Problem with Khan: Trek's Shortage of Suitable Villainy

I don't care if it's Benicio Del Toro or Edgar Ramirez who ends up playing the mysterious villain in the long-awaited second JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, I swear. The only thing that I'm worried about is that, no matter who gets the role, it's beginning to look a lot like they'll be playing Khan Noonien Singh and... Well, do we really have to do this again? Isn't there anyone else who can take over the Big Bad role for the next Trek?

Tipton On the Origins of Khan's Wrath

"Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell" is on sale now from IDW. CBR spoke with co-writer Scott Tipton about the series, which explores the infamous villain's early days on pre- and post-apocalyptic Ceti Alpha V.