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Jeff Parker's Thunderous Milestone

As Marvel's "Thunderbolts" series reaches its 150th issue, CBR spoke with writer Jeff Parker about the milestone and his plans for the series, which focuses on Luke Cage's attempts to redeem super powered convicts.

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: "Thunderbolts" #145

With a former Thunderbolt returning to terrorize new team leader Luke Cage, Marvel's villains-turned-heroes franchise takes a twist under Jeff Parker. CBR News has an exclusive look at next month's issue!

PREVIEW: "Thunderbolts" #144

Marvel Comics has just released an advance preview of "Thunderbolts" #144. The Heroic Age dawns in comic stores everywhere on May 26 courtesy of the creative team of Jeff Parker and Kev Walker.

First Look: Luke Cage's Thunderbolts

UPDATED: Marvel Comics shared an exclusive first look at the designs for the new Heroic Age cast of "Thunderbolts" while Jeff Parker AND artist Kev Walker explained how Luke Cage's team of criminals are working for redemption.

Fred Van Lente Talks Marvel Zombies 4

It takes a monster to catch a monster when Morbius leads a new team of Midnight Sons in pursuit of fugitive ghouls from the Zombieverse. We spoke with writer Fred Van Lente about "Marvel Zombies 4."

EXCLUSIVE: Suydam Covers Marvel Zombies 3

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at Arthur Suydam's variant cover of "Marvel Zombies 3" #1. Written by Fred Van Lente with art by Kev Walker, the book is on sale October 1.

Van Lente talks Marvel Zombies 3

Everyone's favorite undead, super-powered cannibals are back in October, and this time they're looking to feast on the entire Marvel Universe. We spoke with writer Fred Van Lente about "Marvel Zombies 3."

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