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DC Debuts New Villains Month Art

Wrapping up the week, DC Comics has released new art from a vast array of Villains Month issues, including "Green Lantern" #23.1, "Justice League" #23.1, "Superman" 23.1 and more.

SDCC: DC Wages Comic-Con's "Trinity War"

"Justice League" creators Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes alongside DC senior editor Brian Cunningham discuss "Trinity War" and its lead-in to "Forever Evil" at Comic-Con International.

DC Debuts Mahnke's "Trinity War" August Covers

DC Comics has released Doug Mahnke's covers for "Trinity War" issues hitting stores in August, including "Justice League," "Justice League of America" and "Justice League Dark," which connect to form a single image.

Cover of the Week - April 24

Swamp Thing turns to house-sitting, Tom Taylor goes straight to Hades, Darla Deering faces The Thing (and The Thing, and The Thing...), Marvel's first family gets lost in time and space and Deadpool screams for ice cream.

Cover of the Week - March 27

This week, Kevin flies solo as Deadpool pays a visit to Scrooge, DC's magical heroes make a stand, a bandaged Jack takes center stage, the gang at Morning Glory Academy take a bow and Elektra & Frank Castle share a moment

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