jupiter's circle

Jupiter's Circle #5

Mark Millar, Chris Sprouse, Walden Wong and Ty Templeton's "Jupiter's Circle" #5 starts to wind things down, but -- even as we get a climactic confrontation -- the story feels unsure and up in the air.

Jupiter's Circle #4

In "Jupiter's Legacy" #4, Mark Millar and Chris Sprouse combine the wonder of the Silver Age with the political and social turmoil of the 1960s.

Jupiter's Circle #1

Mark Millar and Wilfredo Torres kick off the second series of "Jupiter's Circle" with a look at the lives of several of our heroes both on and off the clock, even as a new mystery begins to unspool on the moon of Europa.

Jupiter's Circle #6

"Jupiter's Circle" #6 wraps up the first volume of Mark Millar and Wilfredo Torres's prequel series to "Jupiter's Legacy," and this look at the early days of superheroics continues to succeed.

Jupiter's Circle #5

Mark Millar, Davide Gianfelice and Francesco Mortarino continue world building in "Jupiter's Circle" #5, this time focusing on the past of Skyfox, the troublemaking cofounder of the Union.