Fan Expo: DC's Bold New 52

During the New 52 panel at Fan Expo, DC Comics creators discussed the ins and outs of their new series, announced the return of the JSA and explained the new DC Universe timeline.

Guggenheim Tackles Legacies In "JSA" #50

Writer Marc Guggenheim spoke with CBR News about the over-sized "Justice Society of America" #50, what readers should expect from his next "JSA" arc, the series' new regular artist, Tom Derenick and more.

Guggenheim Builds a New "Society"

New "Justice Society of America" writer Marc Guggenheim spoke with CBR News about his plans for the DCU's veteran heroes, villains old and new and taking the term "society" to brand new levels.


Pop! returns with the second half of George Khoury and Alex Ross' discussion of "Kingdom Come," closing out the topic by looking at the artist's return to the original concepts with the JSA "Kingdom" arc.

DC Comics Solicitations for January, 2011

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in January 2011, including the latest from "Brightest Day," "Batman Inc.," the prelude to "Flashpoint" and much more.

NYCC VIDEO: New "DCU Online" Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment have released a new sizzle trailer for New York Comic Con featuring new scenes and gameplay clips from the upcoming "DC Universe Online" MMORPG due out in 2011.

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