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ECCC12: Christos Gage Rides Into "Sunset"

The first original graphic novel from Top Cow's creator-owned Minotaur Press will be "Sunset," a story of retiree revenge by Christos Gage and Jorge Lucas. Gage gives CBR the details on one old man against the mob he cheated.

Jorge Lucas Bears The Darkness

Jorge Lucas to "The Darkness" for the upcoming 79th issue, one that is described as "very special." Lucas spoke with CBR about wielding Jackie Estacado and his curse once again, and what's in store for fans.

Jorge Lucas Talks "The Darkness"

CBR News talks to artist Jorge Lucas about the current arc of Top Cow's "The Darkness," his collaboration with writer & artist Phil Hester, and the upcoming 75th issue milestone, featuring Darkness artists past and present.