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ELECTION DAY: Don't Forget To Vote!

It's Election Day in the USA! Voting is the most important civil right a citizen can exercise, and CBR encourages everyone eligible to go vote for the candidates and ballot measures you support. Need help? We've got some links.

Nerdarchy In The U.S.A.

With the U.S. Presidential Election in its final days, CBR presents a gallery not of traditional political cartoons, but rather creative and humorous political expressions unique to the comic book and internet cultures.

McCain and Obama in the Marvel Universe?

Joe Casey shares with CBR his pitch for "Executive Power," a Marvel series you'll never see that would've starred the winner of the U.S. Presidential election and depicted his dealings with superheroes.

Obama: "I Was Born On Krypton"

U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama continued to court the "geek vote" at a charity function in New York City last night, saying he was born on Krypton and sent by his father, Jor-El, to "save the planet Earth."

Helfer Gets "Presidential" With McCain

Andy Helfer, the writer behind IDW's "Presidential Material: John McCain," a biography of the Republican candidate for President, talks to CBR about cutting through the spin and keeping political comics honest.

Will IDW's presidential comics turn the tide of the election? Are they worth your time? Augie has your first look. Also, as a point of thematic balance, a review of the original "Slapstick" mini-series. All this and more in PIPELINE!

EXCLUSIVE: Presidential Material Preview

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR brings you exclusive previews of "Presidential Material: Barack Obama" and "Presidential Material: John McCain," the new comics biographies of the leading candidates for President of the USA.