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WC10: The Kubert Report

The father-son powerhouse of Joe and Andy Kubert met with fans in San Francisco to discuss their careers, inspirations and family life in the comics business during a Saturday panel at WonderCon. CBR was there.

Wein Explores DC's History in "Legacies"

DC Comics has announced a new series entitled "Legacies" that will explore the DC Universe from its earliest beginnings to modern day. CBR has the first exclusive interview with "Legacies" writer, industry veteran Len Wein.

BCC: The "Wednesday Comics" Panel

"Wednesday Comics" editor, Mark Chiarello, gathered a panel of the experimental series' contributors to discuss and answer questions about format, collaboration and the potential sequel to the newsprint hit of 2009.


Joe Kubert introduced Sgt. Rock to comics in June 1959. Four months later, he welcomed his son Adam to the world. Now the two all-star creators talk to CBR about their Sgt. Rock story in "Wednesday Comics."

Lights out for the old year, with the 9 things comics should avoid in 2009; British fall TV round-up; Joe Kubert, MAN OF ROCK; plus comics fonts, throwing snowballs, the dirty secret of text messaging, real life superheroes and tons of other notes.

Marraffino Commands “Haunted Tank”

UPDATED: Writer Frank Marraffino refuels DC’s iconic armored war machine and summons its signature Civil War ghost in a forthcoming miniseries from Vertigo. CBR News spoke with Marraffino about "Haunted Tank."

Steven Grant takes you on a journey through the worlds of some classic comics, from names like Charles Biro, Jerry Grananetti, Joe Kubert and Ed Brubaker? Yup, all that and more in this week's PERMANENT DAMAGE!

EXCLUSIVE: Solomon Kane #1 Preview

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "Solomon Kane" #1 by by Scott Allie and Mario Guevara with covers by Joe Kubert and John Cassaday, on sale in September.

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