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MORNING GLORY DAYS: A Killer Chick Named Zoe

Writer Nick Spencer is back on CBR to share new insights into the hit Image series "Morning Glories," delving into issues #14 and 15 with new info on the game of Woodrun, time paradoxes and a killer cheerleader named Zoe.


CBR and Nick Spencer return for a one-two punch of our inside look at Image's "Morning Glories," covering the time traveling, parent hunting, teacher fighting twists of issues #12 and 13 in advance of this week's new issue.

MORNING GLORY DAYS: Killing Yourself To Live

In one of the strangest, most shocking issues of the hit Image series yet, writer Nick Spencer takes CBR's Morning Glory Days inside the topsy turvy dream world of Jade from hangings to apocalyptic landscapes in "Morning Glories" #10.


As the mystery of the twins known as Jun and Hisao unfold in Image's "Morning Glories" #9, Nick Spencer gives CBR the scoop on their secret history, the inner workings of the Academy and how next issue will be the most controversial yet.

MORNING GLORY DAYS: Date & Time Troubles

Nick Spencer returns for the latest behind-the-scenes look at his Image hit "Morning Glories" with a special look at the influences on issue #8, the mix of romance, murder and a sci-fi mystery involving everyman Hunter.


Writer Nick Spencer returns to CBR for an all-new installment of MORNING GLORY DAYS, explaining the daring and drastic actions Zoe takes in "Morning Glories" #7 while revealing one of the key visual clues to the entire series.

MORNING GLORY DAYS: Tricks of the Trade

In this month's installment, we spoke with writer Nick Spencer and artist Joe Eisma about their work on "Morning Glories" #6, an issue filled with new characters, new stories and at least one game-changing revelation.

MORNING GLORY DAYS: Forward Momentum

Nick Spencer joins CBR for our latest monthly discussion of "Morning Glories," this time covering the first arc's conclusion and the evolution of several core characters and mysteries while hinting at what's to come.

FIRST LOOK: "Morning Glories" #8

Courtesy of Image, CBR presents an exclusive first look at Rodin Esquejo's cover to "Morning Glories" #8. The issue, from the team of creator/writer Nick Spencer and artist Joe Eisma, hits stores in March, 2011.

MORNING GLORY DAYS with Nick Spencer

In CBR's inaugural edition of MORNING GLORY DAYS, series creator Nick Spencer discusses the origins of the title, its success thus far, the events of issue #3 and hints of what fates lie ahead for the Glories.

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