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Shadowline Unveils New Series At Image Expo

Jim Valentino's Shadowline imprint took a "Grim Leaper" during the Image Expo, hitting readers with news of new series "Enormous," "Debris," "Harvest," and "Rebel Blood" by Kurtis Wiebe, Josh Williamson and more.

IMAGE EXPO: Eric Stephenson's Keynote Address

The inaugural Image Expo kicked off Friday in Oakland with publisher Eric Stephenson announcing "Happy!" by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, new "Phonogram" and series by Nick Spencer, Jonathan Hickman and Steve Niles.

Valentino Casts a Shadowline at Image

CBR spoke with Image Comics founder and former Image Central Publisher Jim Valentino about the early days of Image, his Shadowline publishing imprint, "Morning Glories" and more.

Valentino Shines a Light on Shadowline

Shadowline founder Jim Valentino spoke with CBR about "Morning Glories," "27" and other successful books in 2010, future titles including "The Infinite Vacation" and "Green Wake," and Shadowline's publishing process.

C2E2: Image Comics

Image Comics creators Jim Valentino, Tim Seeley, Richard Starkings, Ben McCool and Nick Spencer discussed their upcoming projects and much more at the Image panel at C2E2 this weekend, and CBR was there.

Jim Valentino Resurrects "ShadowHawk"

The "ShadowHawk" creator spoke with CBR News about bringing back the original back breaker, Paul Johnstone, in a new ongoing series written by Dan Wickline and illustrated by Tone Rodriguez.

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