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Bringing Back "Breed" with Jim Starlin

Legendary writer and artist Jim Starlin brings his series "Breed" out of retirement for a third and possibly final miniseries from Image Comics. Starlin spoke with CBR about his creation.


CBR is proud to welcome veteran comics scribe Ron Marz to our family of columnists with the debut of SHELF LIFE, in which he plans to offer insight and commentary on this industry we all love.

Pipeline Retro goes all the way back to 1991 for "Silver Surfer," including an interview about the popular cosmic series with its writer, Ron Marz. What was the fun of the title? What memories does it bring back for Augie?

CCI: That '70s Panel

Lein Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Mike Grell, Mark Evanier, Joe Staton and Mike W. Barr met with fans at Comic-Con International last month to discuss their legendary careers in comics and their most personal works.

CCI: The World of Steve Ditko

Blake Bell brought Steve Ditko (figuratively, anyway) to Comic-Con in a discussion spotlighting his new book, "Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko," with guest panelists Jim Starlin, Gary Groth and more.

Dynamite Comics On Sale April 9, 2008

Courtesy of Dynamite, CBR brings you advance looks at new trade paperbacks on sale this week including "New Battlestar Galactica" vol. 2 and Jim Starlin's "Kid Kosmos: Cosmic Guard."

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