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Jim Krueger Laces Up New "Foot Soldiers"

The writer behind superhero hits like "Earth X" and "Justice" discusses his recent return to creator-owned work at Image as Jim Krueger reveals how "Foot Soldiers" is back not just as a reprint but soon as new apocalyptic adventures.

Jim Krueger Slays Vampires Buffy-Style

Joss Whedon and Dark Horse bolster their "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight" all-star team once again come April, as Jim Krueger pens a standalone Faith/Giles issue for the Eisner Award-winning series.

REFLECTIONS: Jim Krueger, Part 2

Jim Krueger returns to give us the lowdown on "Avengers/Invaders" and what we can expect from the remaining issues. He also looks back at "Justice" and dishes the dirt on what he thinks about crossovers.

REFLECTIONS: Jim Krueger, Part I

Writer Jim Krueger talks about the first volume of "Project Superpowers" and teases what he and co-plotter Alex Ross have in store for the second volume of the blockbuster Dynamite Entertainment series.