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Snider on "Muppet Snow White"

Jesse Blaze Snider pens the latest in BOOM! Studios' line of Muppet Fairy Tales with "Muppet Snow White," a 4-issue miniseries debuting in April. CBR News spoke with Snider about the series and his ongoing work on "Toy Story."

Jesse Blaze Snider Plays with "Toy Story"

BOOM! Studios' new adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear began last week with "Toy Story" #0, the debut issue of the new ongoing series. CBR caught up with writer Jesse Blaze Snider to find out what readers will find in the toy chest.

Jesse Blaze Snider on DC's "Dead Romeo"

Writer Jesse Blaze Snider talks to CBR News about "Dead Romero," an ultra-violent vampire love epic told in six Ryan Bejamin-illustrated issues, the first of which is on sale today from DC Comics.