jeremy haun

Hine Embraces "The Darkness"

The writer of "The Spirit," "Azrael" and "Batman and Robin" takes the reigns on Top Cow's number one anti-hero, Jackie Estacado, and CBR News spoke with him about his take.

Haun Unearths "Artifacts"

Jeremy Haun spoke with CBR about drawing Top Cow's universe-wide event "Artifacts" and the intimidation of following Michael Broussard and Whilce Portacio on the series, plus exclusive art.


After his final word with Jeremiah Arkham, incoming "Detective Comics" writer David Hine explores two kinds of madness with the introduction of The Imposter and a regular gig on DC Comics' "Azrael."

FIRST LOOK: "Berserker" #4 & 5 Variants

Courtesy of Top Cow, CBR presents an exclusive first look at series artist Jeremy Haun's fully-colored variant covers for "Berserker" #4 and 5, written by Rick Loverd and featuring covers by Dale Keown and Haun.

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