jeff parker

Future Quest #1

"Future Quest" #1 mashes up numerous Hanna-Barbera properties into one big adventure story, and Jeff Parker, Evan "Doc" Shaner and Steve Rude make sure to open the book up to new and old fans alike.

Justice League United #13

"Justice League United" #13 sends a whole new crew on another Breaker-busting mission as Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier bring in Vandal Savage, Robotman and Batgirl.

Justice League United #12

Jeff Parker and Travel Foreman's "Justice League United" #12 ends the re-imagined Justice League United's first case as Etrigan, Equinox, Mera and Poison Ivy fight a pile of grossness in the middle of Lake Erie.

Justice League United #11

Jeff Parker and Travel Foreman unveil a series revamp with "Justice League United" #11, and their concept feels like a mash up of several different older titles, but one that as a lot of potential.

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