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CCI: Jay Faerber Hits "Point of Impact"

Writer Jay Faerber teams with artist Koray Koranel to tell a four-part tale titled "Point of Impact," a murder mystery told in stark black and white, hitting stores in October from Image Comics.

COMMENTARY TRACK: Jay Faerber on "Near Death"

Jay Faerber joins us for a COMMENTARY TRACK covering the first four issues of his Image Comics ongoing series "Near Death," in which a a former assassin turns over a new leaf after realizing he's going to Hell.

Faerber Gets Close To "Near Death"

"Noble Causes" and "Dynamo 5" creator Jay Faerber returns to Image Comics with "Near Death," a new series set in the world of crime and killers rather than one filled with capes and cowls.

ECCC: Image Comics' New Favorites

A line-up of some of Image Comics hottest creators, from Nick Spencer to Riley Rossmo and more, were in attendance at last weekend's Emerald City Comicon to promote their titles to a room full of Image faithful.

"Dynamo 5" Witness "Sins of the Father"

Jay Faerber's team is back in a new miniseries guest-starring Invincible, Savage Dragon and other Image Comics heroes! We spoke with Faerber to learn more about the mini and its back-up feature, "Notorious."

Faerber & Asrar on "Dynamo 5" #25

The super-family drama reaches its milestone 25th issue, and change is coming. CBR caught up with creators Jay Faerber & Mahmud Asrar to talk about the series and Asrar's bittersweet departure from "Dynamo 5."

Faerber Talks Witchblade Annual 2009

CBR News talks to writer Jay Faerber about the first ever "Witchblade Annual," in which Sara Pezzini and her partner investigate a series of murders perpetrated by plastic surgery patients.

CBR TV @ NYCC 2009: Jay Faerber

The creator of indie comics superhero hits "Noble Causes" and "Dynamo 5," Jay Faerber talks to CBR TV about returning to Marvel for a special digital comics assignment and bringing his longest running creator-owned series to a close.

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