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Cover of the Week - May 8

This week, "Suicide Squad" goes boom, Sunfire gets heated, "Prophet" goes pulpy, Valkyrie gets a paper cut and "Chin Music" clings to its Tommy guns.

Remender Reflects on His "Punisher" Saga

With Rick Remender's two and a half year run on the Punisher coming to a close with the release of the final issue of "Punisher: In the Blood," we spoke with him about his time spent with Marvel's favorite violent vigilante.

NYCC: Way Takes On "Astonishing X-Men"

The X-Men are no strangers to places where danger lurks behind every corner but are they ready to face the perils of Monster Island? Daniel Way & Jason Pearson take over "Astonishing X-Men" to answer that question.

EXCLUSIVE: Destroyer #1 Preview

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "Destroyer" #1 by "Invincible" creators Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker with covers by Jason Pearson and on sale in April.

Pearson Unzips "Body Bags"

One of the most controversial comics of the '90s, Jason Pearson's "Body Bags" returns with "One Shot," starring of the ultra-violent father-daughter bounty hunting team who've captivated fans for more than ten years.

The Joker's Asylum, Part II: The Penguin

In our second interview with the five writers of July's series of one-shots, "The Joker's Asylum," CBR speaks with "Scalped" creator Jason Aaron about his leading rogue, that waddling scoundrel, The Penguin.