jason latour

Spider-Gwen Annual #1

Jason Latour delivers five fun and enjoyable tales in conjunction with over a dozen artists in "Spider-Gwen Annual" #1, which keeps things light overall but briefly touches on a deep topic and even makes a thinly-veiled political statement.

Southern Bastards #14

In "Southern Bastards" #14, Jason Aaron and Jason Latour wrap up "Homecoming" in the best way possible: with the arrival of Roberta Tubb.

Spider-Gwen #5

Gwen is nowhere to be found in this issue, but that doesn't stop Jason Latour and Chris Visions from advancing the story in a tense and stylish way in "Spider-Gwen" #5.

Guardians of Infinity #1

For a double-sized issue, "Guardians of Infinity" #1 moves surprisingly slow, although Dan Abnett, Carlo Barberi and Walden Wong do deliver a fun cliffhanger.

Spider-Gwen #1

Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi pick up where they left off in "Spider-Gwen" #1 with a new mystery and some background on Peter Parker's early relationship with Gwen.

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